1. How to Format a bill to your specifications in Sage Timeslips. How to make it look more like your letterhead with the hours and rates appearing as you would like them.
  2. How do I get the correct slips in the proper billing cycle? You don’t want to include ongoing slips or slips for the next billing cycle.
  3. Special billing considerations, such as flat rate. You don’t want to charge more than they quoted the client. Contingency billing is another consideration.
  4. You have alot of Electronic billing questions. Billing with the Ledes 1998 electronic billing correctly.
  5. Your slow performance of your Sage Timeslips database which may require purging old data. Purging old slips that have been billed and paid for is a good option for reducing the database size to improve performance.
  6. You have errors in your database which can be caused by a variety of issues. Running Data Verification once a month is recommended to keep the data tables free from errors. Do daily backups so they can restore the data if there is severe data corruption.