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Sage Timeslips 2018 Features

Sage Timeslips 2018 is time and billing software designed to streamline your time and billing activities, freeing up time for you to do the things that matter most within your business. Some Sage Timeslips 2018 features include:

Bill reminders

For those clients that require a specific billing schedule, Sage Timeslips bill reminders provide the means for accurate and timely billing. Set the frequency for billing individual clients and Sage Timeslips will remind and filter your bill run accordingly.

Company logo watermarks

Company logos and graphics can be watermarked on all reports. The firm can control placement, color, and opacity to create even more professional invoices or reports while promoting its brand.

E-mail address visible on the pre-bill worksheet

Enhancement enables client email addresses to be included on the pre-bill worksheet.

Report list: All reports tab

A new tab lists all available reports in Sage Timeslips. From this tab, users can text search for desired reports and report types.

Option to page break before consolidated summary

You can further customize consolidated bills by electing to page break when including the timekeeper summary.

Show consolidated bills separately when reprinting bills

You can now separate consolidated bills into individual invoices when displaying the reprint bills list.

Redesigned accounts receivable entry/list

Accounts receivable entry/list now displays more vital data eliminating the need to search and run reports to obtain it. The new entry window has been reconfigured to provide easy-to-read and research billing processes.

Redesigned budgets

Sage Timeslips budgets have taken on a new look and feel. Establishing client-specific budgets can be done quickly and easily. This redesign provides a simplified setup and management. Calculating budgets is now several times faster and can be quickly duplicated for multiple client use.

Redesigned billing assistant

The redesigned billing assistant provides an updated list view of all or select clients for fast and accurate verification of data for quick invoicing. The improved layout of the billing assistant gives a true “at a glance” view of all billing details. The speed and performance of the billing assistant and functionality is improved also.

Firebird database (SQL)

New SQL-like database platform that will improve overall performance and speed (in some cases 5X faster than prior Sage Timeslips applications), especially in networked environments with a large number of users. The database will also be more resilient to corruption due to network transmission outages or latency.

Redesigned client information

The client information dialog box has been redesigned so that related fields and options are grouped better, navigation controls are more consistent throughout Sage Timeslips, and saving and retrieving some information is faster.

Client secondary address field

On the client information dialog box, the contact info page now contains additional fields for a second address.

Generating receipts for payments

You can now confirm that you received a payment from a customer by generating a payment receipt. Receipts are available for payments, reverse payments, payments to accounts, and payments from accounts.

Printing watermarks on draft bills

During your typical bill cycle, you may print preview drafts of your bills, before all charges are ready to send to your clients. When printing a draft bill run, you can include watermarks on the bills to indicate they are draft bills. Draft bills cannot be approved. When you print draft bills, you will not be able to put them in the proof stage, approve them, or email them. To approve the bills, you will need to show full descriptions and exclude watermarks for the bill run.


TSTimer has been replaced with a new application called TimeCapture. TimeCapture can track time automatically, based on the applications and windows that you access on your workstation. You can set up rules that prevent TimeCapture from tracking specific applications or windows. You can set up rules that assign Sage Timeslips names to entries based on the application or windows being tracked. You can convert all entries or specific entries into time slips for reporting and billing. TimeCapture can load automatically when you start your workstation.

Text search

The search scope fields are now grouped, making it easier to choose the areas you want. Additional fields are now searchable, such as client email addresses, timekeeper email addresses, and transaction check numbers. Search results are now sortable. Click on any column heading to sort the list. Click on any result to see the context below.

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Sage Timeslips 2018 Features


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