People that work with Sage Timeslips software may know the fact that having errors in your Timeslips software is not very common. Most of the time, users face difficulties because the database becomes unusable due to data corruption from factors such as network disconnects and / or power outages. That is why, to avoid this situation, here given is a how-to guide that you need to follow.

Note thatVerifying the validity of your database using the data verification feature is the solution to this problem. And in this blog post, I am guiding you on how to do that.

Tips and guidelinesAlways Back up your data before you start any of these processes as well as print important reports such as the open accounts receivable aging.

  • First off, choose File and click Data Verification.
  • A dialog box will appear, select the look the “Look for Errors” check box. And click the ok button.
  • Now a message will appear, explaining how data repair works. Click yes and then click No. When it prompts you to make a backup of your database, it will not make any changes but rather fix the errors.
  • The Data Verification tool will begin to run and fix the errors.

So this is how you can fix simple database errors in Timeslips software.

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Also note that sometimes, when the database is badly corrupted, the Sage Timeslips data verification tool cannot repair all the errors. To fix the problem, make sure you restore your Sage Timeslips database from a backup.