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Sage Timeslips Tips and Tricks Class

The most advanced of our basic classes, the Sage Timeslips Tips, and Tricks class, was designed for the user who has mastered the basic concepts of the software and wants to learn advanced features of Sage Timeslips. Taught in two interactive sessions online, you will learn how to manage and track your data through Sage Timeslips features. Additionally, you will learn how to customize Sage Timeslips to fit your needs better. We will give you the tools to get the most out of your Sage Timeslips program!  Contact Us for more information.

Sage Timeslips Tips and Tricks Class


Do you run the same reports on a monthly and yearly basis? Why not create your own report tabs to house the selected reports?

Deleting Obsolete Data

Clients- – If you have no further use for a timekeeper, client, task, or expense name, marking the name as Closed allows you to use the Purge dialog box to remove the name. Slips- Purging slips that are no longer needed.

Hiding and Closing Data

There may be clients in your database that are paid in full and you will not be entering slips for them at this time. You do not want to delete them, so make them inactive. The client’s information is still in the system but it is made invisible until a decision can be made.

Protecting Your Data

Defining your backup schedule

Features Enabled

Timeslips may include features that you will not use and they are in the way of how you use the program. You can hide any features included with Timeslips by using the Features Enabled.

Audit Trails and Data Entry Assistant

Track the slips and transactions that you have entered on a daily basis to check your work and print a report to view at the end of the day with Timeslips Data Entry Assistant. Track the history of changes to names and transactions in the Timeslips database and log who was responsible for those changes with Audit Trails.

Creating Your Own Preferences

Tailor Timeslips to fit your needs by creating personal preferences so the program will do certain tasks in the way in which you prefer.

Mini Timeslips

Do you have users who only need to enter time and expenses; Mini Timeslips provides a compact version of the program and eliminates the need for extensive security settings.

Making Corrections

Billing Assistant- offers an insight into each client’s up-to-the-minute status and every detail that contributes to the calculation of the client’s next bill. This tool is like an editable pre-bill worksheet that lets you make corrections to the information that appears on the bill.

Timeslips Today

Customizing Timeslips Today to bring the information that you need at a glance without having to do reports or open multiple dialog boxes?

Customize Your Navigator

Do you want to customize some of an existing navigator’s button labels to be more meaningful to your business or delete buttons that you do not use? The Navigator Editor will allow you to customize the navigator to your liking.


Security lets you establish system-wide and individual rights to users to prevent access to certain parts of the program.


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