Widely recognized as an industry major time & billing software solution, Sage Timeslips assists businesses of any size by handling the time & billing cycle quite efficiently. These days Sage Timeslips software is employed by a wide array of professional organizations & businesses.

Features of Sage Timeslips:

Sage Timeslips is known as a desktop-installed software program that provides server-based timekeeping & billing operations. Some key features of this application are:

  • Integrates with Sage 50 and Quickbooks
  • Appropriately run with Microsoft Outlook/Excel
  • litigation Advisor invoicing export
  • LEDES invoicing export
  • Scheduling

Now, let’s talk about what top advantages Sage Timeslips brings to businesses:

Fast & Easy:

Timeslips application can be installed with ease and is very competent with important wizards, templates, and training videos. This’ll assist you through some straightforward steps to construct your database. Moreover, this sage application offers a user-friendly interface & spontaneous navigation.

Track Times:

In terms of design Sage Timeslips are very flexible, which provides you several means to enter info through Microsoft outlook, e-mail, and employing a timesheet interface. Having a program that operates in the background, one can detain time mechanically that’ll aid in gathering time invested on active windows without intercommunication of the user.

Detail Summary Account:

Timeslips will supply you with detailed account of each task accomplished in your company as it holds more than a hundred predefined accounts and also has the aptitude to make custom reports & graphs.

Effortless Entry:

With Sage Timeslips you are allowed to effortlessly enter the bill payments as well as other transactions such as credits, write-offs, refunds, and fund transfers. Besides this, you can specify your own aging periods, distribute payments to timekeepers and initiate discount guidelines for premature payments.

You can easily enter bill payments and other transactions like write-offs, credits, refunds, and funds transfers by using Sage Timeslips. Apart from this, you can define your own aging periods, allocate payments to timekeepers and set up discount rules for early payments.

Streamlined Control:

With Timeslips, you’ll relish a streamlined command over the billing procedure that’ll offer the aptitude to approve and clear bills revision, proof or audit phases. The user can also relish the benefit of personalizing their bill and print to screen.

Makes Sure Data Security:

Automatic &scheduled backup alternatives of Timeslips aid in ensuring that your important data is secure. You can name each backup file exclusively, which will aid in discovering the most up-to-date info.

Without any hesitation, Sage Timeslips’ application will prove to be an efficient addition to a business. If you’re not very much familiar with this software, then go for Sage Timeslip training offered by BSR, INC.. You can also customize your training class that fits your company’s needs & schedule. Our trustworthy support facility will assist you in reinforcing your business function and improving the ratio of output.

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