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  • Process client payment transactions (credit cards and electronic checks) automatically right from within the payments screen, using Sage’s secure “Payment Vault”. Specify “Payment Type” for the transaction via a drop-down list.
  • A new custom naming convention is now available for bills and statements emailed to clients. Where previously all bills and statements had the same file name, you can now include individual client names, invoice numbers, or invoice dates with data tokens.
  • Improved security measures in Sage Timeslips 2011 now offer the option to restrict slip entry completely on those clients who have that In Sage Timeslips 2011 you can now create up to 90 custom fields for Clients, Timekeepers, Tasks, and Expenses. This allows you to use more than one electronic billing format per database and ensure that there are sufficient custom fields available for reporting purposes, as well. You can even create up to six different custom field “groups” to better organize and categorize these custom fields.
  • option checked. You can now choose to either “warn” or “restrict” slip entry on a client-by-client basis.
  • You now have more control over how calculations are done for subtotals and grand totals in user-defined reports. New in Sage Timeslips 2011, you can choose how each field is calculated. Take more control over these values by using the sum as the total or use a custom formula to provide subtotals or grand totals.
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