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Our Sage Timeslips support instructions are detailed but easy to follow and when finished, the results will show in your company’s growing profits. You will notice your percentage of satisfied customers rise because some of the factors Sage Timeslips measures is ensuring growth in the success of on-time delivery and efficiency with stock or made-to-order products. With this success, comes not only customer satisfaction, but job satisfaction among your employees. Would you like to be able to analyze your timekeeper’s time? Our Sage Timeslips support allows you to tailor this program to your business by defining your billing rate requirements and utilizing the resources you need to ensure your company’s advancement. Some of the available features include billing rates by client, timekeeper, or activity. By fine-tuning what is important to your firm your custom Sage program guarantees you absolute success. Visit today to talk with our top Sage Timeslips support and let them help you own a part of a leading company in the business world.