The Sage Obsolescence Policy is to support the current Sage Timeslips product. If you are running an obsolete version of Sage Timeslips, you are required to upgrade if you are on a version 2 release back from the current version. So with that in mind. When upgrading makes sure you have your entire timeslips installation backed up. Make sure you have printed reports like accounts receivable aging, unbilled slips, and deposits at least to PDF files in the event you need them.

When you are ready to upgrade your Timeslips software one of the recommendations we make is to print your accounts receivable aging report before you begin your upgrade and again once your upgrade is completed. This helps verify your upgrade was successful.

How to prepare for your Upgrade of Sage Timeslips

Ever wonder about the preparation steps for a successful upgrade of Sage Timeslips?

There are a few key things that you should do to help yourself get prepared for your upgrade to Sage Timeslips. You will need to first have everyone exit the software (unless you are a single user) so we can make a backup of the database.

Step to making Sage Timeslips backup:

  1. File, Backup
  2. Click “Yes”
  3. Name the backup file (Timeslips backup-“today’s date”)
  4. Click “Save”

When the backup is finished, you will now need to run Data Verification (Note: This is to just look for errors)

Data Verification is a way of checking the integrity of your Sage Timeslips database. You can also correct problems with Accounts Receivables and Client funds as well as some not all data integrity errors. (For any Question about the Data Verification contact Tech Support)

Steps for running Data Verification:

  1. File; Data Verification
  2. Select Look for errors only (Note: No other items should be checked)
  3. When the Data Verification is done, review the results. If there are no errors, you are ready to begin the upgrade process. If you do have errors on the Data Verification report we recommend you call Timeslips support for assistance.

When you are finished with the Backup and the Data Verification, you are now ready to download the Sage Timeslips software.

  • Locate the link to Download the Software update for Timeslips:
  • After the download, you will be prompted to run the Install so just follow through the prompts and the steps to get through the install process until it is complete and you get the finished option
  • Once the program is opened for the first time after the installation, you will be asked to convert the database.
    • Note: You Must Make a Backup of the database will not convert.
  • Once the backup is complete the program will then start to convert the data. The time to convert a database depends solely on the size of the database. The Timeslips program may at times display “Not Responding”, please allow it to complete.
  • When the conversion is finished, you should be able to see your data in the new updated version of Sage Timeslips.
  • Then you should rerun the reports from the beginning of our instructions and compare them to the set after the conversion is completed to make sure they have the same information and totals.

​ If you need Timeslips support or assistance with Sage Timeslips, call 800.766.6770