Sage Timeslips Training

Sage Timeslips Support Basic Training

Sage Timeslips Software Basic Setup: This hands-on course is ideal for the beginner who wants to learn the basic features of this time and billing software program. The course will guide you through the process of setting up your timekeepers, clients, and tasks, as well as how to record your time and expenses, enter transactions and generate reports and simple bills.  Upon completion of this training course, you will be ready to use Timeslips software for your own business’s time and billing.

Sage Timeslips Billing Cycle Training Course

Timeslips Software Billing Cycle – Would you like to customize Timeslips Terminology so it reads the way you communicate to your clients? Taylor bill formats and learn how to use the advanced powerful features found in Sage Timeslips Software. This course is perfect for the person who has had some experience with the basic features of Timeslips but wants to know how to streamline the billing process and make it faster and easier. Bills can be highly customized to list all the detail about services rendered, expenses received, charges due, and payments received or just to present them in summary formats. They are the result of many interrelated decisions you should understand the process as well as the various tools in producing and managing your client’s bills.

Sage Timeslips Advanced Training Class

Would you like to use all the power of Timeslips?  This course is ideal for the person who wants to master the more advanced features of Timeslips.  This training will discuss features, such as custom fields, reports, and custom reporting, template clients, categories, replacement slips, client funds, security, and some of the new features introduced in Timeslips.

Sage Timeslips Class – lesson Sample

This is part of one lesson taught in Sage Timeslips Software and is included in the introduction or setup class.

Sage Timeslips Accounts Receivable invoice software allows for easy entry of bill payments and other transactions such as write-offs, credits, refunds, and funds transfers. Choose from many of the available A/R reports included with the invoicing software and link with popular accounting packages, including Sage 50. Define your own aging periods, allocate payments to timekeepers, set up discount rules for early payments, and more.

Payment receipts: When a payment to an outstanding invoice is applied, you now have the option of either emailing a payment receipt to your client or printing the receipt

These are a few of the reports available in Sage Timeslips out of the box.

A/R by Period Displays accounts receivable totals that were recorded in client history.

A/R Transaction List– Displays detailed information about each accounts receivable transaction.

A/R with Running Balances– Displays only those transactions and values from accounts receivable that affect each client’s balance.

Bank Deposit Slip Listing– Displays bank deposit slips and their associated transactions (payments and deposits).

Credit Register– Displays detailed information about credits, discounts and special credits.

Days to Pay– Displays the average days is takes each client to pay bills.

Invoice Listing– Itemizes invoices including, breaking down the types of charges that appeared on each invoice and the payments applied to each invoice.

Payment Distribution– Itemizes payments, breaking down how the payments are distributed to invoices.

Payment Performance by Period– Lists transactions applied to invoices and associates those transactions with slips from the invoices.

Payment Register– Displays detailed information about payments.

User Defined A/R Transaction Listing– This allows you to create reports showing specific data that you choose from each accounts receivable transaction.

User Defined A/R Transaction Summary– This allows you to create reports showing summarized or subtotaled accounts receivable transaction information that you choose.

Write-off Register Displays detailed information about write-offs. Use this report to review individual write-offs.

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