Linking Timeslips to QuickBooks or Sage 50 formerly Peachtree


You can enhance Timeslips by connecting it to your accounting program with Timeslips Accounting Link Pro (TAL Pro). This link provides a dynamic two-way integration that adds functionality to Timeslips and your accounting package.

Bills generated from Timeslips can be immediately posted to accounts in your accounting package. You can automatically synchronize names in both databases, to avoid double entry. In addition, you can use TAL Pro to turn checks and vendor bills from your accounting package into billable slips in Timeslips, making cost recovery a more accurate and automated process.

Using TAL Pro with Sage 50 or QuickBooks

Timeslips must be installed on the same workstation as your accounting package.

Setting up TAL Pro for use with your accounting package

  • When you first install TAL Pro, you must follow certain setup procedures before you can use TAL Pro.

Setting up access rights

  • To prevent unauthorized or inexperienced users from performing certain functions related to TAL Pro, Timeslips offers security settings that let you establish system-wide and individual rights. You can establish security settings for TAL Pro in Timeslips within the Accounting area of the Security Profile dialog box.

Synchronizing names

  • TAL Pro enables you to synchronize names between Timeslips and your accounting package. This process ensures that information for clients matches information for customers and timekeepers, reducing double-entry.

Creating slips based on transactions

  • Your accounting package uses payments, checks, and bills to keep track of money owed to vendors. TAL Pro enables you to create slips in Timeslips based on these transactions.

Transferring transaction information to QuickBooks

  • When approving bills in Timeslips, TAL Pro can post transaction information to your accounting package, eliminating double entry.

These are the updates to the most recent versions of Timeslips:

  • The link is faster – MUCH faster, reducing the time it takes to move billing and payment transactions from Timeslips to your accounting product of choice (as long as it is QuickBooks or Sage50/Peachtree, anyway)
  • There is an option to turn it off – Only one (and perhaps two) users need to transfer data from Timeslips to either QuickBooks or Sage 50/Peachtree. Other users don’t. Unfortunately, the latter have to put up with long launch times when starting Timeslips only to get an error message that their workstations weren’t connected to their accounting program. Now, during setup, there is a checkbox called “Enable accounting link on this workstation” which can be checked or unchecked for each workstation.
  • Posting/History Reports – You can now view and save the reports from prior transfers, improving the audit trail between billing and accounting, and the actual posting process is now separate from the report generation process.
  • It doesn’t have to be “on” all the time – You need to do something quickly in Timeslips. You launch the program only to remember… oh right, I should have launched my accounting program first and, in the case of QuickBooks, remember to have it in multi-user mode or face the dreaded admonishment reminding you of that fact. And, while the connection is open, you may be restricted from performing some functions in your accounting program. Now in Version 2014, users have the option to toggle the TAL connection on or off through the connection status text at the bottom of the Timeslips screen.
  • TAL can now assign journal numbers – This link provides several options to allow users to customize how their journal entries appear in your accounting program. If entries are posted in detail, each one will be assigned a journal number as per your settings. If entries are posted in summary, the default value of “TOTAL” is used for the journal number field unless it is edited on the Transfer à Entries section under the “Set Up Accounting Link” command.