Sage Timeslips software gives users the ability to set up slip entry templates separately. If you want you also can create them as you work. To create slip entry templates that you need on your work, Choose Slips then Time Sheet Slip Templates. You will then see the Time Sheet Slip Template List window appear with a list of templates that you already have created.

If you want to use the existing template, just double-click above it to open and make changes as per your requirement, Or create a new template by clicking the “plus sign” on the right side of the window. In either case, the timesheet slip template Entry window will appear after that.

How to Set Up the Template?

At first, assign a “Name” to the template.

Then select a particular “Timekeeper” or, if you want the template to available for every timekeeper in the database, then select the “Timekeeper” to “All”.

Select a “Client” and the name of the “Task”. If you are going to use a reference, then select a “Reference” name.

Fill in the “Description” box, which will appear on each slip you create using this template.

Input “Default rates” and “Billing status” information.

Save the template by using the vertical toolbar on the right side of the window. When you open the Time Sheet Slip Entry window, your template name will simply appear in the list. As you further work, you might need to track time for a template. Then, just create a slip entry template as you work. Click on the text “Click to Select Names”, and you will see a small window. Use it and select the “Client” name, “Reference” and a “Task”. Click the save button (disc) at the ride side bottom of the window.

Then, the Sage Timeslips assumes that the timekeeper is the one who appears at the top of the Time Sheet Slip Entry window. To create a template specific to a different timekeeper, select the timekeeper before you click at “Click to Select Names”.

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