Improved workflow and improved efficiency are promised by Timeslips 2015 – New Model for Sage Timeslips referred to as Sage Timeslips Premium a subscription-based release and features a SQL database additionally there will still be a Paradox database format with this release and it is scheduled for late July. Consideration should be taken for your firm in the detailed features and upgrade process prior to making a decision on the path to take.

With the release of Premium, users have an array of purchase options. Three major changes take effect with this release: a new SQL database platform, subscription pricing, and a required Sage technical support plan.

  • Generate a payment receipt and easily email it to the client. Timeslips will track when a receipt is printed or sent by email.
  • Use speech commands to create new entries, and navigate and narrate descriptions.
  • New firm and client contact information fields, including the firm’s email address, website URL, and a second client address.
  • Set up custom lists of tasks and expenses for each client, making entering slips easier because after you choose the Client, only the tasks or expenses associated with that client will be available on the slip. Ideal for firms that use electronic billing codes for some clients, but not others. Print a draft bill run, including watermarks on the bills to indicate they are draft bills. Watermark on Bills will allow customers to generate bills and place a watermark on each page indicating this is a draft copy and not the final “approved” bill and now draft bills cannot be approved
  • Audit house updates provide the new audit house setup menu option allowing customers to create multiple templates for the same electronic billing module and assign different templates to customers using the same audit house.
  • Voice-to-text can replace manual data entry and allows customers to utilize voice recognition to enter details in the description area of free-form text fields such as slip and accounts receivable description, client in reference to and notes fields etc.
  • This release adds a second different address to each client allowing for physical and mailing addresses
  • The list function now allows to sort and select by activity by the client this minimizes the amount of data a user  will need to look at when searching for a specific applicable task or expenses
  • Speed improvements are made in TimeCapture as well as the ability to start TimeCapture from within Sage Timeslips
  • Speed improvements working in TimeCapture
  • Ability to merge multiple time slips into one timer and create a slip
  • Improved timer to slip conversion performance
  • Ability to export TimeCapture rules to other users on the network
  • Print payments for customers and  email after client receipts have been recorded and applied to an invoice
  • When changing client classification Timeslips now displays details before updating
  • Detail client information now Includes outstanding balances, money in suspense, and totals regarding unbilled slips
  • Added were 4 new text fields in general information as well as fields for the firm’s email, and company website, and 2 more custom fields
  • Look-up has been expanded in Timeslips to allow specific areas to search for text and new areas such as check numbers, and client email addresses have been added

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