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  • TAL Pro (Timeslips Accounting Link), for connecting to accounting software such as Quickbooks or Sage 50/Peachtree, has been completely redesigned. Easily connect to your accounting package as needed, or disable the TAL Pro link with a new link at the bottom of the Timeslips window. Enhancements include new account categories, simplified assignment of accounts, improved posting process, the ability to review past postings, improved linking of names, and enhancements to slip creation.
  • TSTimer has been replaced with a new application called TimeCapture which can track time automatically, based on the applications and windows that you access on your workstation. You can then convert all entries or specific entries into time slips for reporting and billing.
  • New preferences have been added that help slip creation. New slips can automatically select the logged-in timekeeper and also pull in data from other open windows. For example, if the Client List is open and client ABC is highlighted, when you create a new slip, client ABC can automatically be selected.
  • The Slip List has been redesigned with several new features. It now includes a new filter at the top that allows you to show the last X number of slips entered, which can speed up performance in large databases. You can also now change the fields displayed on the Slip List using Field Themes and control whether several areas on the list are displayed or not. When printing from lists, you can now select the printer used to print the report.
  • Sage Timeslips calendars can now synchronize with Google calendars
  • For support call 800.766.6770 Toll-free