When you add a new Timeslips user and workstation, Timeslips may give you an error message regarding the amount of Sage Timeslips licenses you have purchased.  However, this Timeslips error message may pop up when there have not been any new users added, preventing you from opening Timeslips. Several possible reasons why you may be encountering this Sage Timeslips error include:

  • You have replaced an existing Timeslips workstation PC with a new one.  The old workstation has already consumed a license.  When you add a new workstation, Timeslips doesn’t realize that it is a replacement but thinks it’s an additional user.
  • You are using Terminal Services with Timeslips:  Sometimes Timeslips users’ licenses aren’t cleared when using Terminal services and extra licenses get consumed in Timeslips.
  • There are settings in the software you should check before you purchase more software

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