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Assistance with Sage Timeslips Custom Reports

The timekeeper by history period report breaks down historical data by timekeeper using the formatting options that you select.

Each timekeeper accumulates a billing history. This information is displayed in the Timekeeper History Dialog Box. Timeslips tracks billable and unbillable hour and dollar amounts as well as write-ups and write-downs (adjustments) for each timekeeper. Use the information to monitor the performance of professionals in your office.

Timeslips automatically updates history when you approve bills. Timeslips also allows you to manually set billing history entries, typically when you convert established timekeepers into Timeslips.

Limiting the data you are viewing

Selecting the various tabs within the Timekeeper History dialog box will show different periodic totals per month, quarter, year, and to date.

Use the View History Items dialog box to determine the level of detail to display. For example, you can exclude slip data from displaying.

Consolidating history

It is imperative that you consolidate your history totals. If you do not consolidate your history totals, the Months page could potentially include many months’ totals, forcing you to scroll through the list to find the information that you want. You can consolidate timekeeper history using the Consolidate Timekeeper history option on the what data to purge page of the Purge dialog box.

Consolidating Billing History

Reporting on history

Reports based on timekeeper history are located on the Timekeeper page of the Report List dialog box.

Overview of Reports

Disabling timekeeper history

If you will never use timekeeper history, you can remove this feature from the Timeslips interface.

  1. Select Setup; Features Enabled to open the Features Enabled dialog box.
  2. Select Timekeeper History from the list.
  3. Click Disable this feature, and then click Yes to confirm.
  4. Click OK to accept the change.
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