Timeslips Software Billing Cycle – Would you like to customize Timeslips Terminology so it reads the way you communicate to your clients? Taylor bill formats and learn how to use the advanced powerful features found in Sage Timeslips Software. This course is perfect for the person who has had some experience with the basic features of Timeslips but wants to know how to streamline the billing process and make it faster and easier. Bills can be highly customized to list all the detail about services rendered, expenses received, charges due, and payments received or just to present them in summary formats. They are the result of many interrelated decisions you should understand the process as well as the various tools in producing and managing your client’s bills.

We review:

  • Slip Entry
  • Billing Assistant
  • Firm Assistant
  • Pre-Bill Worksheets
  • Billing Arrangements
  • Generating Bills
  • Basic Bill Design and Formatting
  • Bill Stages
  • Entering Transactions
  • Reports
  • Printing and Reviewing Post-Billing Reports
  • Generating Statements
  • Questions and Answers