Feel like your inventory is out of control?  Are you still managing your job information in Excel?  We will teach you how to setup your inventory and job costing!  Become acquainted with the best practice procedures you must have to get your business under control.  You will learn how to setup your Sage 50 Accounting Software and record your vital business information for peak performances, efficiencies and statistical reporting.  You will become the office expert!  Don’t forget to bring your questions!

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Sage 50 Level 5 Manufacturing & Construction

Default Information                                                                        Selling Inventory

Inventory Items                                                                         Quotes / Orders / Invoices

Review of Inventory Accounting – COGS                                 Tracking COGS / Profitability

Inventory Items                                                                                      Sales Reports and Inquiries

Classes                                                                           Default Information

Add / Modify / Delete / Inactivate Items                                   Job Costing Defaults

Bill of Materials and Revisions                                                 Track Retainage and Burden

Custom Fields                                                                          Categorize Costs by Phase & Cost Codes

Master Stock Tables / Attributes                                    Job Setup

Manage Serialized Items                                                         Add / Modify / Delete / Inactivate Jobs

Update Item Prices                                                                  Subcontractors Insurance

Quantity Discounts                                                                  Create Job Estimates or Budgets

Units of Measure                                                                     Change Job Numbers

Change Inventory Item ID’s                                                     Recording Job Activity

Purchasing Inventory                                                                             Track Change Orders

Order or Auto Order Items on PO’s                                         Issue Inventory to a Job

Modify a Purchase Order                                                        Payroll Labor Hours from Payroll / Time Tickets

Receiving a Purchase Order                                                   Record Overhead

Enter Bills and Receipts                                                          Purchase Orders to a Job

Inventory Transactions                                                            Direct Expenses to a Job

Issue Inventory                                                               Billing Jobs

Assemblies                                                                              Percent of Contract

Work Tickets                                                                            Percent of Proposal

Customizing Work Tickets                                                       Percent of Completion

Reports                                                                                    Billing Retainage