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There are a number of reasons why people go in for professional training courses these days and one of the keys to successfully operating any software lies in professional training. A lot of people now go in for private professional courses in order to acquire better and more advanced skills in an accelerated manner linked to a specific field of study, such as Timeslips.

Timeslips classes will help you:

  • Significantly reduce your ramp-up time
  • Help ensure your ROI on Timeslips
  • Learn the correct way of doing things using the softwaree
  • Saving time from trial and error
  • Learning the most current information
  • Increased productivity out of the gate
  • Qualified instructors with real-world experience using the tool or technology mix of lecture and hands-on labs or exercises
  • Small Customizable training classes tailored to your training goals
  • Updated course materials that are included in the training cost
  • Understand how to structure the software for your firm
  • Learn Best Practices

Connect with consultants that can help support your business!  From Sage Timeslips training
 to learning how to sync Timeslips data with other accounting software, BSR, INC. is the Sage Timeslips resource you need.   You can access as many Live Webinars, On-Demand videos, and visual examples as you want for free. For those looking for an in-depth learning experience, we also offer affordable classroom training. For more information call 800.766.6770