s it time to perform Sage Timeslips Data Repair due to an error message?

Question: As you work in Sage Timeslips on a day-to-day basis, errors can creep into your database. In many cases, if the Data Verification tool finds corruption that you may not realize exists. How do I know I need to perform database repair on my Timeslips data?

To avoid this situation, you should plan to periodically verify the validity of your database using the Data Verification feature. In many cases, if the Data Verification tool finds corruption, it can repair that corruption.

If the Data Verification feature can’t solve your database corruption problems, you can restore your data from a backup -or you can contact a Timeslips certified consultant or Sage Timeslips Technical Support person who might be able to help you correct the corruption. If all else fails, send your database to the certified Sage Timeslips consultants at BSR, INC. and we’ll fix your Timeslips problems quickly and easily.

Another Answer:

Timeslips performance is slow. This may also be an indicator that it is time to run the data repair tool to bring your database back to speed.

Sage Timeslips Typical Error: Address violation error.

This error is sometimes serious and the program may need to be exited. Often it indicates that some data is corrupt in memory. – you can first try to reboot but often this does not resolve the underlying issue.

Timeslips Local; Error Code

Say you have Timeslips installed both on the server and on multiple workstations. Everything is fine on the two workstations.  However, on the third workstation, Sage Timeslips alerts you to an error – “BDE Error Code 8456” — saying that the BDE may be damaged and the file IDAPIxx.DLL cannot be found. You may need to reinstall BDE – but only some of the time does this correct the underlying issue.

Is my software installed properly?

Misconfigured system files in the Windows operating system are the prime cause of Sage Timeslips error messages. If you need help resolving this or any other Sage Timeslips error call 800.766.6770