How to Speed up Sage Timeslips Software


My Timeslips software system is very slow is there anything I can do to make it faster?


If your Timeslips Data is Large and maintenance needs to be done to clean it up and improve the performance. Customers do not know how to maintain the database and therefore commonly don’t. One recommendation is to close old unneeded slips. You will want to make a backup of your database before you begin as well as run all-important reports like your accounts receivable aging and your open (unbilled) slip list. Then there are the considerations.

You may not want older slips (over 2 years old) included in your slip list if they are already billed.

You may want older slips (over 2 years old) that are billed included in reports and History Bills

Only actual active slips will appear in the slip list once you are done with this.

When running reports, you will need to include slips in the “CLOSED” classification in addition to “OPEN” slips.

Here is how to close slips:

  1. Make sure nobody else is in Timeslips
  2. Back up the Timeslips database (file … backup)
  3. Click the top menu SLIPS … CLOSE SLIPS
  4. In the following screen, change the number of months (I recommend 24 months)
  5. Click OK
  6. The close slips may take several hours to complete so please … HAVE PATIENCE!! 

This process may take some time so you may want to begin this process when you know you will not need your database for a bit.