Sage Timeslips data repair and maintenance can be sometimes performed through a few routine maintenance tools built into the application. The maintenance ranges from a simple database reindex to a more dangerous Integrity Check/Repair routine, which will remove corrupted data from the database in some instances. None of these tools can be used casually as any of them hold the ability for doing further damage to your data.

Though Timeslips can continue to operate- for now on a somewhat dated Paradox database engine, records can sometimes get corrupted for no specific reason. In some instances, it’s due to conflicts with other applications stored on the same PC. When that Timeslips database error crops up, it’s necessary to have them addressed right away. Otherwise, it can lead to loss of data or the need for expensive Timeslips database repair can be required.

How To Protect Your Timeslips Data:

  • You should perform backups on a daily basis with at least five backup sets of media. Rotate this media regularly and take a weekly backup set off-site, to a bank, or to your home. Lots of companies usually use the same backup device every day. If the media (floppy disc, CD, Zip, etc) is not good, you don’t have a perfect restorable backup.
  • Make sure that all computers access your accounting system plugged into the interruptible power supply, including the network supply. It can protect your computer from corrupt information due to constant power fluctuations.
  • Check out the backup device from time to time again to ensure that it’s functioning in a proper way. More often, it’s seen that companies try to restore a backup that’s not even readable.

Timeslips Data Repair Services:

Do you need the necessary data repair services? BSR, INC. has certified and qualified consultants; who clearly understand the importance and urgency involved in the recovery and repair of important information to your business. Our staff has Timeslips certified consultants, trainers, previous members of the Sage 50 Authorized Resource Centers steering committee, and current members of the Sage Partner Pilot programs.


If you are still receiving software data errors and need assistance immediately, feel free to contact the experts of Timeslips data repair at BSR, INC. Or you can call us at 800.766.6770 and notify our customer support representative that you are in need of expedited help on Timeslips data repair!

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