Sage Timeslips is a popular time and billing software for a reason. It’s able to handle billing arrangements for almost all law firms and interfaces with QuickBooks Software and Sage 50 Accounting. The security is detailed and can be modified by the timekeeper. However, just as with most software systems, Sage Timeslips’s benefits for your business extend only as far as your employees’ abilities to use the software effectively.

That’s why Sage Timeslips training is a great first step to help your business and its employees harness the full potential of this powerful system. Training can help your business benefit from multi-level security options, allowing you to grant access to different files to different employees. Sage Timeslips software has a billing assistant feature that organizes your monthly billing data making it easy to review your bills prior to sending them to clients. It also allows employees to access bills from prior months and from prior years, without allowing employees to make changes to that data if you have contingency-type clients.

With Sage Timeslips, your employees can post transactions into your accounting product and produce detailed annual, quarterly, or monthly business and financial reports. Income sheets, balance sheets, and cash flow statements will become easier to create than ever! Your employees will be able to create financial statements allowing you (or your accountant) to compare income, cash flow, and balance information for two entirely separate periods of time, such as for different quarters, months, or years.

Once your business has fully implemented Sage Timeslips with the help of a Sage Timeslips training program, you’ll be able to create customized reports based on the information you collect regarding timekeepers and the services you provide to your clients. Sage Timeslips makes creating bills for your clients simple, even when your billing rates vary by client, timekeeper, task, or expense type.

Using the reports available you can track productivity by period, profitability by period and fund balances, and detailed activity. Most firms need to understand these types of data points, and strong reporting means a strong business. Sage Timeslips allows your employees to easily provide you with analysis regarding your clients, timekeepers, and services. You will be able to easily generate multiple types of reports to help your business better understand its financial position.

That’s not all. You can even use Sage Timeslips to improve customer and timekeeper morale. Sage Timeslips allows you to keep track of important information, like birthdays, so you can make sure that everyone gets their own cake and office party! Plan Sage Timeslips training today, so your business can begin to take advantage of the many perks Sage Timeslips software has to offer.