Simple Steps to Generating Your Bills Sage Timeslips

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Generate bill command is available in Sage Timeslips while you are using Firm Assistant or Billing Assistant and also on the menus. The user who applies the command from Farm Assistant or Billing Assistant window, Sage Timeslips assumes that the user wants to produce a bill for only one client. If you use the Generate Bills command from the menus, then Sage Timeslips assumes that you want to produce bills for all clients in the database. Follow these below steps to generate bills for all clients in Sage Timeslips Software.

  1. First of all, choose bills and then select the Generate Bills window. From this window, users can select bills to print based on a variety of filters. You also can sort and subtotal information on the bills.
  2. Check the list on the left side of the window and double-click on Slip Transaction Date. Then the Filter for Slip Transaction Date dialog box appears. Use the calendar on the left to select a starting date for your slips that should appear on the bills.
  3. Then use the calendar on the right to choose the ending date for the slips that should appear on the bills.
  4. Click on “OK” to redisplay the report entry on Generate Bills window. In the lower right corner of the dialog box, open the Print To list and select a printing option. Then click the Print button.
  5. Place all the bills in the proof stage, so that you can review them.
  6. Review the printed bills and send them to your clients as per your requirement. As long as the bills remain in the proof stage, you can enter transactions and slips without affecting the bill but you can’t generate a new bill for the client.

Apply the same steps to generate statements, except choose bills Generate the Statement in the first step. Need help, advice, or support regarding Sage Timeslips Software? Then, contact our experts at BSR, INC.. We have well-experienced service engineers for your Sage Timeslips help. Call us at 800.766.6770 anytime for Sage Timeslips support.