Sage Timeslips: Basics of the Timesheet Window

If you are comfortable with a spreadsheet interface for tracking time, then you can use Sage Timeslips’ Timesheet Slip Entry Window to create slips. You will need to supply a timekeeper, a task, a client, and a description if you intend to include the work on a client’s bill. You can display Timesheet Slip Entry Window by choosing Slips à Time Sheet à Slip Entry.

At first, select the week for which you want to record time in the upper-right corner. Then Sage Timeslips displays that time period in columns. When you enter an amount of time, Sage Timeslips software assigns the date for which you enter the time as the start date on the slip. The rows in the window list active slip entry templates for the timekeeper you selected at the top of the window. The slip entry templates contain the information that Sage Timeslips needs to convert timesheet entries into slips; the timekeeper, the client, and the task. You also can include description and default rate information on the template. At the bottom of the Timesheet Slip Entry Window, totals appear for each day. To print the current sheet, click the print button on the vertical toolbar on the right.

How to Customize the Time Sheet Slip Entry window in Sage Timeslips?

By using the Time Sheet Slip Entry Options dialog box, the user can control the order of the template components in the template list on the left side of the window. Users of Sage Timeslips software also can control the starting day of the week, the time format, and the confirmation dialog when you delete a saved sentry. Users also can opt not to display non-template totals. To display the Time Sheet Slip Entry Options dialog box, first, open the Time Sheet Slip Entry window (Slips à Time Sheet à Slip Entry) and then click the last button on the vertical toolbar in the Time Sheet Slip Entry window.

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