Have you ever seen this Timeslips error message? “Another station is accessing your Timeslips database in a way that prevents you from accessing it.” 

If yes, it might have prevented you from connecting to your Sage Timeslips database. All computer systems in your organization accessing Timeslips software on a network must be configured with a common path. In this case, there is a slight variation in the path a drive is already mapped, and it can prevent you from accessing the Timeslips database simultaneously. This is when you are shown the Timeslips error message “Another station is accessing your Timeslips database in a way that prevents you from accessing it.”

Instead of calling our support team, you can fix this issue yourself.

The basic reasons behind this Timeslips error message are:

1. There is no proper installation of Timeslips software or it is reinstalled with a different path than the earlier one.

2. A computer might have lost network connectivity and delivered the user a message to find the Timeslip.cfg file. When he or she responded, a path might be mapped in a way that differs from the original one.

3. Reports in Windows 7 version are likely to modify the path from the earlier one with a new drive letter.

4. Timeslips along with TSTimer were installed on the server. When there is server rebooting TSTimer starts up and the path for accessing the Timeslip.cfg file on the server differs from the networked stations.

How to fix this issue:

  1. Identify the path problem.
  2. Check to find that TSTimer is not operating on the server. If it has already started, change the server settings to ensure that it doesn’t run automatically at any time in the future. You should also verify MSConfig to be assured that TSTimer does not have to autostart the setting. After you’ve completed these tasks, close the application.
  3. After that, go to your workstation and open the Timeslips application. Go to the Help menu; click on Timeslips. You will be able to find a configuration folder path and a Timeslips application folder path. You should take note of the Installation folder value. It should equate to being equal on all of your computers, though the drive letter may differ. If the Windows 7 OS is running on your computers you will have to use the UNC path names, given here (eg, \\Server\Applications\Timeslips\).
  4. Once you identify which computer/s have a different path than the original one, you will have to fix them. To fix this, you may close the software and go to the specific workstations. Start the menu in the toolbar, and go to Programs/All Programs — Timeslips — Station Administrator Options. Then click on Change Install Path. Look through the server using the installation path you noted earlier in order to locate the Timeslip.cfg file. When done, click on Ok to close. Open Timeslips on those workstations, one by one, and confirm that they now show the correct installation path. Repeat the process until all the workstations have the same installation path.
  5. After these steps, the Timeslips error message shouldn’t appear on computers using the software files and documents simultaneously.

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