This dialog box opens when you select Setup then Custom Fields.

This dialog box is divided into three pages, containing custom fields for specific name types. Custom fields created for a name type are only available to that name type. You can create up to 90 custom fields for timekeepers, clients and activities

Each page contains the following fields and buttons:

Custom field groups – You can use up to six custom field groups to organize custom fields. Each group can hold up to 30 custom fields. If a group is empty, it will not appear for each name.

Each custom field contains three columns:

Name – Contains the name of the custom field.

Type – Indicates the type of custom field: TextDateListTimekeeper, Percent, Money, Number, or Hours.

Required – Determines if the custom field is required

New – Creates a new custom field in the current group. This custom field is inserted at the end of the list.

Please note that if you use audit houses to review your billings, you can add pre-defined sets of custom fields. To do this, right-click in any group and choose Add Pre-Defined Set.

Insert – Creates a new custom field in the current group. This custom field is inserted before the currently highlighted field.

Delete – Removes the selected custom field.

Move Up – Moves the current custom field up one space on the Custom field list.

Move Down – Move the current custom field down one space on the Custom field list.

Attributes – Opens the Attributes dialog box where can rename the custom field or set additional information, such as making the custom field required. Other settings are available for list fields, text fields and timekeeper fields,

Group Order – Opens the Change Group Order dialog box, is where you can choose the order in which the custom field groups will appear for each name.

OK – Accepts your selections and closes the dialog box.

Cancel – Ignores any additions or changes and closes the dialog box.