AccuPOS Point of Sale Software is a leading POS system that integrates seamlessly with Intuit Quickbooks, Sage Software, Android, and Windows. Do you need more information or support for AccuPOS Point of Sale Software? BSR, INC. offers AccuPOS support, training, and discounted installation and software. Call us today at 800-475-1047.

With AccuPOS, friendly and expert support is offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are multiple application add-ons to tend to your business needs, including bundled offerings at discounted prices. AccuPOS allows your business to grow at its very own pace. You can monitor your business from the back end using the internet with a simple login and make any type of change in real time.

AccuPOS software is easy to learn, too. Point, touch, and done. Your staff will learn the program rapidly and be fully trained. The combination of hardware and software allows you to sell on the floor, at the door, or on the go. Leading industry integration makes your accounting automatic. This means less time on paperwork, little data entry, and more error-free work.

Android users are more compatible because of their long battery life and standard up-to-the-minute updates. AccuPOS will always keep your software in the present. Integration is seamless with the built-in SQLite, the most widely used database engine. Kiosk mode is available to disable all features of tablet or phone users not related to the AccuPOS software.

AccuPOS is the only point-of-sale product to be endorsed by Sage and the #1 ranked company by Quickbooks users 7 years in a row. The perks include:

  • Unlimited support that’s friendly, helpful, and fast-paced in the USA, available 24/7
  • Hardware available to meet your specific businesses needs
  • Bundle options available at discounted rates
  • Reporting is standard or customizable
  • Monitor your business remotely with a simple login
  • Optional AccuSHIFT add-on to track timesheets
  • Go green with the ability to email receipts to customers, retrievable at any time
  • EMV compliant
  • Optional AccuCOUNT inventory management add-on available with a handheld device to perform inventory counts, make changes and manage inventory
  • AccuPOS seamlessly grows as your business does
  • Customer loyalty features
  • Extremely easy to use and fast for the benefit of your cashier and customer
  • Specializing in retail, restaurants, bars, counter service, apparel, member organizations, specialty food, gift shops, grocery and convenience stores, nurseries, wholesale/retail stores, home decor, liquor stores, sporting goods, tobacco and vape shops, thrift stores

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