Sage Timeslips Support 2012 – Service Release

Several years ago, Sage created The Sage Obsolescence Policy.  This policy notified all customers that Sage would continue to support the current Sage Timeslips product release as well as the two prior releases of the Timeslips software. If you are using a more recent version of Sage Timeslips, you can download the latest supported versions of Sage Timeslips directly from the internet. It’s fast, it’s easy, and your software is instantly accessible.

Important Information regarding your software upgrade

Before downloading and installing Sage Timeslips, we recommend you review the following information. Make a backup of your data before you begin and check the system requirements for the version you are attempting to update to. After downloading Sage Timeslips, open your internet browser’s default download folder and start the installation by double-clicking on the Sage Timeslips download file. The download file will extract the necessary installation file and will open a menu of options.

Sage Timeslips 2012 New Features:

Optimized Workflow
The new and enhanced features in Sage Timeslips 2012 help streamline your entire workflow for optimum efficiency. More than ever, Sage enables you to focus more on your business and clients and less on gathering, processing, and presenting facts and figures.

Efficiently place multiple clients on billing holds

Rather than opening individual client files in Timeslips to place them on hold and exclude them from a billing run, just use the client list to directly view and change the full billing hold status of each client. You’ll appreciate the speed and added convenience for what used to be a tedious, time-consuming process.

Quickly identify names for purging

Eliminate the need to keep inactive records “open” to avoid purging them! Now in the Purge Dialogue box, you can create a custom field that indicates if a record is to be purged—allowing you to keep client records that have been “closed” in the database.

Easily set exclusive access to the database

When performing critical functions to the database, such as purging, billing, and database maintenance, you now can set exclusive access to prevent others from accessing it during the procedure. This new feature provides you with the security of knowing that crucial operations will not be interrupted.

Send exclusive access notification

Avoid possible confusion among coworkers if they can’t access a database. With the new Exclusive Access Notification, you can quickly send a custom message to other users telling them when the database is locked and under exclusive access, and even the reason why.

Convert text case as appropriate

Quickly convert text to upper or lower case within the description area as your specific requirements dictate.

More easily access and store file backups

Set your own predefined default location to store backups. Not only does this improved feature give you a single location to store all Sage Timeslips backup files, it also makes them easier to locate.

Efficiently print any previewed report

Make your office a greener one with less paper and more efficiency! When previewing any reports onscreen in Display, you now can immediately send them directly to a PDF file or an RTF file—as opposed to printing through a printer or regenerating the report to save as a PDF or RTF.

Broaden the scope for correct spelling with six different dictionaries

Ensure all words are spelled correctly with the improved ability to spell-check text in description fields by using up to six different dictionaries at once. This includes a new dictionary of technical terms. For example, the British, American, and Legal dictionaries can all be used simultaneously to check the text that will appear on bills.

Accurately assess character/word count

With this new feature, you’ll be able to automatically generate character and word counts—making sure you stay within a specific description limit as set by electronic bill formats. You can also quickly tell the amount of text in any large text field (for example, descriptions, client notes, and in references to fields).

Set payment defaults more easily

Now you can set the default payment type and disable the payment types that your organization does not use—resulting in faster processing and more efficiency.

Automatically prompt to create payments

When you place money in the funds (escrow) account of a client, Sage Timeslips will check if that client has a balance due. If so, Sage Timeslips will prompt and ask if you want to apply that money toward the balance owed or deposit the full amount.

Instantly print any dashboard page

Simplify your record keeping. As you use your Sage Timeslips Today dashboard to stay updated on your business activities, you now can quickly print out any page for your records without having to reproduce that information in a report.

Expanded billing capabilities
Take advantage of new options that increase the flexibility of your billing operations to save time, money, and resources—and even encourage you to go greener! Take advantage of new options that increase the flexibility of your billing operations to save time, money, and resources—and even encourage you to go greener!

Easily edit previous bills with a word processor

Now you can edit previous bills without changing the billing history. Simply export past bills in rich text format for editing in a word processing application (such as Microsoft Word), where you can manipulate and reprint those bills while still retaining an accurate historical record.

More closely control replacement slip content

With the new date option for replacement slips, you’re able to summarize charges on bills by the start and end dates that are most appropriate for your needs—rather than relying on a default date. For example, you can choose to display summarized charges that span an entire month and appear with a date at the beginning or end of the month.

Better maintain and access PDF bill folders

Select a predefined location to store PDF bills and statements on a client-by-client basis for an easier method to retrieve or send them to each client. The PDF bills and statements can now be stored in individual client folders on a network drive or on the local drive of the billing machine.

Conserve paper by emailing bills without first printing them

Reduce office waste with this new feature that allows you to generate the submit bills by email to clients without the necessity of printing hard copies. These “e-bills” will retain an image for reprinting and editing purposes just like a printed version but without excess paper.

Quickly approve PDF, text file, and RTF bills without printing

Continue your efforts to “go green!” Now you can approve bills to update accounts receivable balances and billing history without printing hard copies in order to maintain a bill image. You’ll decrease paper waste and increase productivity.

Trim the size of your PDF files

Now you can exclude embedded font information from PDF files to decrease their size. If you use standard fonts, it’s not necessary to include additional font information, which can inflate the file size an extra 80%. Omitting this data is especially useful if you send PDFs to many clients by email, as it will greatly reduce the amount of space taken up in your outbox (and their inbox).

More efficient reporting

Reduce the time spent setting up client reference information when tracking time for the audit house. Now you can import and export client reference setup data (such as the “Also use template” field) into other clients’ records in the same way regular export functionality works.

Find Documents Quickly and Easily

New Document Access features for Sage Timeslips 2012 increase your control over finding and generating documents.

Review the current Sage Timeslips Premium System Requirements document, containing hardware, operating system, and software compatibility guidelines and information.

If you find yourself using an unsupported version of Sage Timeslips and you need Timeslips support, we can help.

Files containing patches, latest service releases, and other updates for your Sage Timeslips software. If you need help understanding why you have issues call toll-free at 800.766.6770